Egirdir. Town, Lake, Castle

Turkish lands are rich of lovely places and different kinds of sights. One of such places is Egirdir – the city, the lake and the castle. Three-in-one: a small and cosy town that keeps some cold in a hot summer; amazingly beautiful blue lake for those who loves swimming and fishing; an old fortress for fans of the history…

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Ireland 2012. 1500 kilometers in the wrong lane

At the beginning, I aimed to publish only articles about travelling by car. But the life changes our plans. To say the truth, there is a car in article (provided by car rental company), so the article fits into the idea.

The route is very simple:
Riding around the Ireland isle.

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Ireland 2012. Northern Ireland. Belfast

During our stay in Ireland, we found one more interesting point on the map – the Giant’s Causeway. At first, it is an unique natural monument, secondly, its location gives us an opportunity to see the north part of the isle and visit Belfast.

Because of the work load (we had to spend time on working with other projects), we left the hotel at 3 am. Anyway, two drivers are better then just a one. One is sleeping, another is driving.

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Ireland 2012. Southern Ireland

GPS device helped us to find Galway. It is the city located on the opposite side of the isle (western coast). It is close to a very popular point – Cliffs of Moher.

We didn’t have any plan for sightseeing. Cliffs of Moher were the only place I really wished to visit – impressively huge rocks hanging above the sea. The other part of our route was randomly formed.

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Winter Long Trip 2014: Armenian sights

We started our way here!

Day 12

This day we visited five more churches in Armenia. All of them located near Yerevan. Yes, you’re right, FIVE churches! There are lots of different churches in Armenia. It is hard to imagine how many churches we DID NOT visit 🙂

Garni Church was the first one. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, it is the first monumental building with numerous huge columns that I saw.

Garni Church. UNESCO World Heritage. Armenia.

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